Prayer Requests & Announcements

The Call-Em-All service is a calling system set up to send urgent announcements and/or recent prayer requests to Ferris Church of Christ attendees. If you would like to receive messages from our calling service please send us your phone number by clicking the “Contact” tab above and filling out the contact form, with ‘Call-Em-All’ as the subject and your phone number in the message box. Please do the same if you would like to be removed from our system. Updates are also sent as push notifications on the Ferris Church mobile app.

Last updated March 29, 2020
– On behalf of the Elders of Ferris Church:
We would like thank members and friends for loving one another with phone calls, notes, emails, texts and Facebook messages of encouragement to one another in this difficult time. Thank you for your continued generous support with tithes and offerings. Christ’s Church is blessed because of you! Looking forward to fellowship soon. In the meanwhile please stay healthy and safe. God bless you all.
The Elders
3/24 – Nancy Persall (Sariah Hansen’s mother) is being transferred to Midland hospital unresponsive, with a grimm diagnosis. Sariah is asking for prayers for a miracle and more time.
3/23 – Matthew Ropp (Mike & Karen Buck’s son) has been laid off twice in the past year. He is praying for a job (he is a computer programmer) soon so as to pay for his family’s needs. Please pray especially this Thursday, as he has a 5 hr. face time interview with a possible employer. He is trusting God, but is struggling with anxiety, more so in these troubled times.
Recent Prayer Requests:
-Kathaleen Comer
-Bethany Gault & family (Raychelle Avery’s sister)
-Connie Hetherington
-Family of Norma Narragon at her passing
-Lee Parker
-Dan Schmoekel
-Al & Cheryl Throop
-Brad Throop