Prayer Requests & Announcements:

The Call-Em-All service is a calling system set up to send urgent announcements and/or recent prayer requests to Ferris Church of Christ attendees. If you would like to receive messages from our calling service please send us your phone number by clicking the “Contact” tab above and filling out the contact form, with ‘Call-Em-All’ as the subject and your phone number in the message box. Please do the same if you would like to be removed from our system. Updates are also sent as push notifications on the Ferris Church mobile app.

Last updated September 16, 2019
Announcement: Today is the day! Please don’t forget that photography sessions are happening today and tomorrow here at Ferris for our new church directory! If you have not scheduled an appointment, there are still slots available today and tomorrow. You can schedule online on our church website. We can’t wait to see you!
Praise the Lord! David Wolf was baptized this morning (9/16)! David is the son-in-law of Lee & Marilyn Parker and has been a regular Ferris attendee. We are rejoicing with him in his baptism!
Prayer Requests:
Donna Randall (Betsy Cervantes’ aunt) – in ER, while traveling
Elnora Sayger (Becky Rude’s grandmother) – still in critical care
Tim Sayger (Becky Rude’s father) – caretaker for Becky’s mother & grandmother
David Wolf (Lee Parker’s son-in-law) – house fire on 9/8, total loss, currently staying with Parkers’
Recent Prayer Requests:
-Fred Kinsey
-Penny Myers
-Bob & Kathy O’Dell
-Al & Cheryl Throop
-Monica Throop